Blues clubs – South Side

1125 Club 59th St & May St Dancin’ Perkins, Magic Slim, Byther Smith
Artis’ Lounge 1249 E 87th St Billy Branch
Blue Flame 809 E Oakwood Ave Junior Wells, Little Mack, Fenton Robinson, Lefty Dizz, Earl Hooker
Blue Moon 1148 E 47th St Roy Hytower
Blues Room
(New Michigan Hotel)
2135 S Michigan Ave Brewer Phillips
Bold One Lounge 11 W 111th St Johnny Embry
Brady’s Lounge 47th St Lefty Dizz, Brewer Phillips, Big Daddy Kinsey, Sons Of Blues
Burning Spear 5521 S State St Junior Parker, Albert King, Bobby Bland, B.B King, Little Milton, Albert King
Checkerboard Lounge (prev. Psychedelic Shack) 423 E 43rd Buddy Guy, Junior Wells, Lefty Dizz, etc.
Cinderella Lounge 5938 S Halsted St Lovie Lee, Little Nick, Johnny Drummer, Nolan Struck, Roy Hytower
Clock Lounge 72nd St & S Chicago Ave Lacy Gibson
Cornell Lounge 1610 E 53rd St Erwin Helfer, Jimmy Walker, Billy Branch
Crystal Room 103rd & Cicero Ave Arlean Brown, Oasis Band, L.V. Johnson
Cuddle Inn 5317 S Halsted St Magic Slim, Johnny Laws, Little Mack Simmons, John Embry
Do Drop Inn 1434 W 69th St Abb Locke, Pete Allen, Nolan Struck
El Matador 69 E 75th St Artie “Blues Boy” White, Oasis Band, Lefty Dizz
El Panama 7418 S Stony Island Lefty Bates, Andrew Brown
Enterprise Lounge 75th St Aces, Bobby Jones
Excuse Lounge 260 W Root L.V. Banks
Expressway Lounge 72 E 55th St Hound Dog Taylor, Son Seals
Fire Lounge 64th St and Ashland Ave Eddie C. Campbell
First Lady 5112 S Halsted St B.J. King
Flamingo Lounge Cottage Grove Ave
near 63rd St
Son Seals, Little Al Thomas
Florence’s 54th Pl & Shields Hound Dog Taylor, Magic Slim, Lefty Dizz, etc.
Flying Fox 757 W 69th St James Cotton, Aces, Junior Wells, Byther Smith, Eddie C. Campbell, Billy Boy Arnold, Nolan Struck, Buster Benton, Golden Wheeler
Golden Checkmate 55th St Albert King, B.B King, Otis Clay
Golden Ram 58th St & Ashland Ave Eddie C. Campbell, Baby James
Green Bunny Little Mack
High Chaparral
(later Bruno’s)
7740 S Stony Island Ave Lowell Fulson, O.V. Wright, Bobby Bland, Albert King, etc.
I Spy 500 block of W 63rd St Otis Rush, Sam Lay
Jazz Club aka Jazz Set Club aka Celebrity Lounge 48th St and Cottage Grove Ave Fred Johnson & The Checkmates, Little Smokey Smothers, Pee Wee Madison
Jet Star 47th St & Evans Ave J.B. Hutto
Josephine’s 72nd St & Halsted St Magic Slim
Lake Meadows
Restaurant & Lounge
35th St & King Dr Buster Benton
Launching Pad Lounge 1530 E 75th St Roy Hytower
Louise’s Liquors
(South Park Lounge)
69th St & Martin Luther King Dr Aces, Bobby King, Joe Carter
MacLenda’s 2847 S Indiana Ave Muddy Waters Jr., Johnny Dollar, Junior Wells
McKinney’s Lounge 6530 S Damen Ave Abb Locke, Lefty Dizz
Michigan Ave Social Club 13th St & Michigan Hayes Ware, Buster Benton
Missing Link Lounge 379 E 69th St Magic Slim & The Teardrops, Joe Carter, Johnny Junious
Mitchell’s Lounge 2005 W 69th St Lovie Lee, Johnny Embry
Morgan’s 312 E 61st St Aces, Little Willie Anderson, Lovie Lee, Elmore James Jr., Sunnyland Slim
Mr. G’s 138 W 111th St Little Lee
Morris Brown’s 4012 S Indiana Ave Buster Benton
New Barracuda Lounge 558 E 75th St Jesse “Little Wolf” Sanders, Little Smokey Smothers
New Countdown Lounge 645 E 75th St L.V. Banks
New Excuse Lounge 5944 N Halsted St L.V. Banks
New Fishman’s Lounge 8960 S Loomis The Aces, Elmore James Jr
New Wave 8434 S Kedzie Blvd Junior Wells, Eddie Boss
Orbit House 12844 S Halsted St Scotty & The Rib Tips
Pacemaker Lounge James Cotton
Palmer’s Lounge 2944 S Wentworth Ave Big Moose Walker, Willie Buck, The Aces, Odie Payne Jr., Dimestore Fred
Pepper’s 43rd St & Vincennes Ave Junior Wells, Lefty Dizz, Earl Hooker, Scott & The Rib Tips, Howlin’Wolf and many more
Pepper’s Blues
In The Loop
1321 S Michigan Ave Howlin’ Wolf, Hound Dog Taylor, Lefty Dizz
Pepper’s Hideout
(later Bootsy’s)
2235 S Cottage Grove Ave Little Mack, Lonnie Brooks, Artie “Blues Boy” White, Little Milton, Scotty & The Rip Tips, Johnny Sayles
Peyton Place 118 E 39th St Junior Wells, B.J. King, Otis Clay, Scott Brothers
Popcorn Lounge 76th St & Halsted St Lovie Lee, Bobby Davis, Carey Bell
Porters Lounge 5944 S Halsted Lovie Lee, Carey Bell, Magic Slim
Queen Bee’s 74th St & S Chicago Ave Junior
Ryan’s 11610 S Western Ave Luther Allison, Son Seals, Fenton Robinson, Mighty Joe Young, Lonnie Brooks, etc.
Robert’s 500 Room 301 E 63rd St B.B. King, Albert King, Bobby Bland, Buster Benton
Rose & Kelly’s 39th St and Indiana Ave J.B. Hutto, Walter Horton
Sackadelic Shack 59th St Little Willie Anderson
Showcase Lounge 1729 E 71st St Byther Smith & The Night Riders, Little Bobby & Spice, Zora Young
Silver Shadow Lounge 339 E Garfield Blvd Lefty Dizz, Jimmy Tillman
Spitz Lounge S Chicago Ave Little Smokey Smothers, Sonny Carter
Stardust Lounge 1253 W 79th St Buster Benton
Sutherland Hotel 47th St and Drexel Ave Junior Wells, Muddy Waters
Sweet Pea’s
(G&W Liquors)
639 E 47th St Little Pat Rushing, Little Arthur King (aka Left Hand Arthur; Arthur Grey)
Theresa’s 48th St & Indiana Ave Junior Wells, Buddy Guy, Muddy Waters Jr., L.V. Banks, Sammy Lawhorn, John Primer, Byther Smith, Phil Guy, etc.
Theresa’s 2nd location 600 block of E 43rd St.
Three G’s 10234 S Halsted St Little Lee, Dimestore Fred
Trocadero 47th St & Indiana Ave Hound Dog Taylor
Tunesia Lounge 714 W 79th St Louis Myers, Johnny Drummer, Johnny Dollar, Scotty & The Rib Tips, Roy Hytower
Turner’s Blue Lounge 40th St & Indiana Ave J.B. Hutto, Junior Pettis